Nosy Be - Aquaculture

Responsibilityfor the importof marine animalsbegins inthe country of originof the fish: social and environmentalcomponentsplay an importantrole in theresponsible use ofresources. Somaturedin usthedesire to buildyour ownfishingstation.

Core areas shouldbesustainableand environmentally friendlygrowth ofcorals,as well as aresource-savingandquality assurancefishing forreef fish.

On the island of
NosyBe,in the northwestof Madagascar, we finallyfounda suitable location.



Right from the beginning, we worked with local people together side by side, and created a project that continues to thrive. Meanwhile, we have put a reliable local "team" together and work in the diving area with our certified divers together.


Onlywell-definedreef areasare enabledfor the catch.The catchis exclusivelywith netsand thecagingto shippingwithoutthe use of chemicalaids such asnarcoticsor antibiotics.

MarineAquacultureNosy Beis:

  • Soft coralandhard coralfor reforestationin the sea
  • Nondestructivefishing andconservation of naturalreefsbynet fishing
  • 100% toxicfreefishingon the conservationof flora andfauna
  • waiver ofantibiotics for themeans cagingof animals, water treatmentwithskimmer,filter andUVC disinfection
  • Employment for the localpopulation
  • Germanstandard